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Cottage Inspiration, “Hope House in Mousehole, Cornwall UK”.



Retrò Home Design.

Retrò Kitchen Design.

Colorful living retrò.

Retrò Bathroom With Fireplace.

Outdoor Kitchen in Le Marche Villa by Wespi de Meuron Architekten.

Kitchen design.

Kitchen in Open House by EAT Architects:

Kitchen in Le Marche Villa by Wespi de Meuron Architekten:

Kitchen in Nieuwegrach House by Rocha Tombal Archictects:

Awesome terrace living kitchen.

Modern and stone living kitchen.

Kitchen solutions.

Indoor-outdoor kitchen

Openspace kitchen

Attic kitchen

Indoor-outdoor kitchen, attic kitchen and bedroom with kitchen table.

indoor-outdoor kitchen

attic kitchen

bedroom with kitchen table.

Kitchen design.

Natural Kitchen:

Attic Kitchen:

Loft Kitchen:

The ideal kitchen for a loft designed by Ernestomeda.

Modern kitchen with big windows.

Modern White Coran Kitchen With Walled Cabinets.

Attic Kitchen

Home with shared pool for the kitchen and living room.

14/12/2011 1 comment

Kitchen in openspace.

Alessi kitchen’s, the whole universe in a curve

Alessi presents its kitchens in an open space. do you like it?


kitchen on the terrace?

‎…and if we organize the kitchen on the terrace? What do you think?

Poliform Varenna, chose your style make the difference.

28/05/2011 1 comment

The contemporary kitchen requires a variety of options that are afforded by the Varenna collection.  Unique compositional solutions, choices of material, finishes and colors, the Varenna Collection, produces a system of aesthetically varied elements that provides freedom and personalized solutions for different lifestyles.


Welcome to my Kitchen: Schiffini

The kitchen as soul of the home. by Alfredo Häberli for Schiffini

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