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Luxury homes with pool in Las Vegas.

31/03/2012 1 comment


GombitHotel Contemporary Design In Medieval City in Bergamo, Italy.

31/03/2012 1 comment

Situated in the medieval walled-city Bergamo in Italy, the GombitHotel is a charming boutique hotel with contemporary interior design in a historic building. The architectural heritage is a defining characteristic throughout the hotel. The style of the interior is one of contemporary luxury and historical symbolism with a touch of whimsical charm.

Contemporary Open Living in Aspen Residence By Studio B Architects.

Villa Carlotta Hotel by Architrend Architecture in Ragusa, Sicily.

29/03/2012 1 comment

Sicilian studio Architrend Architecture has designed the Villa Carlotta Hotel. The architects have turned a late 1800′s historical building located in Ragusa, Sicily, into a contemporary hotel.

Extension vB4 House by dmvA, Brecht, Belgium.

27/03/2012 1 comment

architecture firm dmvA located in mechelen, belgium has recently completed ‘extension vB4’ an addition to an A-frame house within the countryside of brecht, belgium. Considering the strict building regulations of this municipality this former holiday cottage was transformed into a contemporary residence using a limited space of 26 square meters. the extension from the existing form resulted in a floating volume built with trapezoidal wooden structures. image © mick couwenbergh all images courtesy of dmvA



Dwelle, Minimalist House Prefabs.

26/03/2012 1 comment

UK-based Dwelle has unveiled a brilliant  set of prefabs that illustrate how small living is the new way to live big.

New York Loft Apartment.

25/03/2012 1 comment

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