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Retrò Home Design.

Retrò Kitchen Design.

Colorful living retrò.

Retrò Bathroom With Fireplace.

White design solution.



Bath tub typologies.

Bath tub with view:

Outdoor walled bath tub:

Bathroom design ideas.

15/09/2012 1 comment

Bathroom with large transparent glass windows:

Attic bathroom:

Relaxing bath with sea views:

Attic Bathroom.

Attic design.

Total white attic living:

Total white attic bedroom:

Attic bathroom:

Bathroom with terrace front sea.

Bedroom In The Waterhouse At South Bund by Neri & Hu.

…and now relax time!

12/08/2012 1 comment

Bathroom concept.

Bathroom with king size bathtub.

Bathroom located within the natural extravagance of prehistoric caves!

Country bathroom.

UFO Bathtub by Benedini Associati.

Bathtub design, what is your favorite one?

Saffire, luxury coastal sanctuary on Tasmania’ East Coast in Australia:

Bathroom In Villingili Resort and Spa:

Spa on Seabourn Sojourn:

Faraway indoor/outdoor pool SPA by KOS

Zucchetti bathroom idea.

Which bathroom design you prefer?

19/06/2012 2 comments

Exotic bathroom:

Classic with view:

Attic bathroom:

Amazing bathroom with ocean front view.

Candlelit bath.

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Bathroom in old building.

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