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Private sitting area in front of the beach.


Sitting area inside an infinity pool.

Attic Office Design.

Warehouse Transformation In Barcelona.

Completely transformed and renovated by developers and designers of urban lofts Benito Escat and Alberto Rovira with the help of interior  design studio Minim, the large rectangular loft is split in two levels for a total footage of 8,600 sq ft!

Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore, Maastricht.

Terrace Pool in La Purificadora Hotel, Mexico.

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Hopen Place, design by studio Whipple Russell Architects in Hollywood Hills, California.

Hopen Place has been designed by Los Angeles-based design studio Whipple Russell Architects. The contemporary property can be found in the Hollywood Hills of California, USA.

The contemporary Californian property comes with clean masculine lines and playfulness that has often been associated with the Friends character. The luxury Californian property boasts a dazzling blue infinity pool, you can even see the lights from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. There is also below-ground movie theater. Images courtesy of Whipple Russell Architects.

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